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Taking Part In Your Child's Learning

Did you know that being more involved in your child's education offers many benefits? Research suggests that when parents are engaged in their children's learning, their children achieve better results in school, have more confidence, and develop better social skills.

Invictus International School Singapore believes that parent engagement plays a large role in helping our students to thrive. That's why we pride ourselves in regularly involving parents through our Parent Engagement and Participation (PEP) program. This initiative is centred on facilitating regular communication between parents and the school in order to provide our students with a strong support network.

Parent Engagement and Participation at Invictus SG

At Invictus, we operate under the belief that parent-school collaboration is essential to a student's academic achievement. As such, we prioritise transparent communication and actively sustain parent engagement through regular activities and support opportunities.

The three main focuses of our PEP Program are Parent Information Events, Parent Cafe, and Friends of Invictus (FOI). These each provide ample opportunity for parent involvement.

Parent Information Events

Parent Information Events are topic-based sessions pertaining to your children's education. Some of the topics these sessions cover include the school's curriculum, teachers, schemes of work, pedagogy, learning and achievement, and meaningful ways for parents to support their children. These events also cover holistic subjects relevant to Invictus's students and parents such as possible career paths.

Previous topics of Parent Information Events have included Exam Preparation workshops, where we shared techniques for parents to involve themselves in their students' studies, while ensuring that they weren't overly stressed. Another topic was our guide to Cultivating Interest in Chinese Learning, where we shared tips and tricks to help parents get their children more invested in the subject itself while at home. These Parent Information Events take place on an ad hoc basis, and engage parents with meaningful topics that help complement a child's learning and home life.

Parent Café

Invictus Singapore's Parent Café is a monthly Friday meeting where parents can network with each other and get better acquainted with those in the school community. These sessions are headed by Invictus's resident counsellor, with assistance from school staff.

During these sessions, the school counsellor offers strategies for supporting your children. Unlike Parent Information Events, which typically cover school-related subjects, the emphasis of Parent Café is on how parents can support their children at home. This may include managing mental health, setting boundaries, and general discussions on student welfare.

Past topics of the Parent Café have included: Cultivating Effective Habits for Life, Emotion Regulation for Teens, and Effective Communication Patterns with Your Child.

In addition to the general topics discussed at the Parent Café, we occasionally invite parents for our 'Inspirational Insights' program during Assembly periods. We give them the opportunity to talk about their jobs and experiences, to inspire our children and teach them the importance of learning, in order to pave the way for a bright future and career success.

Friends of Invictus (FoI)

A small core group of parent volunteers known as Friends of Invictus (FoI) collaborates closely with the school to strengthen school-home synergy and provide assistance with school events. FoI meetings take place either fortnightly or monthly and are open to all Invictus parents. During these meetings, FoI establishes this open forum to speak with the school leadership team and voice any questions or concerns.

We believe it is important to support parental engagement and create solid family-school partnerships, and FoI is a key way of keeping parents engaged in their children's learning and in school events. Events FoI is involved in include school sports days, concerts, and charity events.

Parent-Teacher Conferences

Parent-teacher conferences are held twice a year at Invictus. These conferences allow parents to meet with their children's teachers face-to-face and stay updated on their children's education. Through these opportunities, we proactively invite family engagement and place parents in a position where they can address their concerns, receive feedback on how their children are faring, and build trust with our teachers.

Outside of these conferences, Invictus encourages parent engagement and has an open-door policy with regards to discussing students' needs with their parents.

Qoqolo Parents App

Invictus Singapore makes use of technology to help supplement parent engagement programmes. Our Qoqolo Parents’ App is designed to integrate multiple functions that keep you updated on your child’s learning. This app provides information on upcoming events and initiatives that you and your child can take part in, conveniently laid out in a calendar schedule. It lets our teachers directly contact you and convey information on your child’s grades and current status, giving you a window into daily life at Invictus from the comfort of your home.  

Support Your Child’s Learning Journey Alongside Invictus Singapore

We believe that Parent engagement in education is vital to a child's success. Playing an active role in your child's learning and development leaves a significant positive impact, and in order to promote this, we make sure to offer plenty of opportunities for family involvement.

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