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Celebrating UN Day Virtually: Invictus International School's Journey of Global Connection and Cultural Exchange

1.jpg In a remarkable demonstration of the power of technology and global connectivity, United Nations speakers recently took the virtual stage to inform and inspire our Invictus International School students about the significance of United Nations Day. Through a series of engaging Zoom sessions, students not only learned about the UN's mission but also had the unique opportunity to connect with peers from schools in New Zealand, Dubai and Iran, among many more.

Global Perspective Day 

The Global Perspective Day was run with great success across the whole school throughout the year at Invictus International School Bukit Timah Campus. Children were brought together to work in teams and develop life skills such as solving problems and identify key issues that affect the environment around us. Our Key Stage 1 children worked in their school houses, led by our Year 8 leaders. They began by learning the importance of clear communication with a quick group game of "telephone". After this, they engaged in discussions and activities circulated around the topic of caring for the environment, which was shortly followed by an outing to collect litter from local parks and pathways. 

Using skills they had already used this year, our Key Stage 2 children worked in their house groups led by our Year 7s to tackle the topic of Food Waste. Looking at sustainability and resources, they worked on hexagonal thinking to demonstrate their understanding on the theme and relevant ideas. 

Virtual Sessions: A Global Classroom Experience

As the world continues to navigate the challenges of the digital age, the UN has adapted to the times by leveraging technology to reach young minds across borders. At Invictus International School Dempsey Hill Campus, students, armed with laptops and curiosity, eagerly joined the virtual sessions to welcome the United Nations speakers and embark on a virtual journey of global understanding. 

Through engaging slideshows, videos and real-time discussions, they conveyed the UN's Core Values and Mission to the young audience. The virtual setting allowed for a dynamic and inclusive experience, connecting students from diverse backgrounds to a shared commitment to global understanding.


Cultural Exchange and Global Citizenship:

The Zoom sessions went beyond traditional presentations, incorporating interactive elements that facilitated cultural exchange. Students from Pakistan, China, Thailand and more not only had the chance to learn about the United Nations but also shared aspects of their own cultures, fostering a sense of unity and shared experiences. 

One of the highlights of the virtual sessions was the opportunity for children to interact with their counterparts in more than ten countries. Each level had intense discussions where students could share their perspectives on the importance of international cooperation, discuss common challenges and brainstorm ideas for a better world.

The virtual United Nations Day celebration served as a powerful catalyst for cultivating global citizenship among the participating children. By engaging with peers from different corners of the world, students gained a broader perspective on the issues facing our global community and recognised the role they can play in creating positive change.


Building a Global Community

As the virtual sessions concluded, the children were left with a newfound appreciation for the world's diversity and a sense of shared responsibility for its well-being. The UN speakers encouraged them to maintain the connections they had forged and continue the dialogue, fostering a sense of global community that transcends geographical boundaries.

The UN speakers' virtual visit to primary school children on United Nations Day showcased the potential of technology to bridge gaps and bring people together, even in the midst of physical distance. By leveraging Zoom and facilitating connections between schools in New Zealand, Dubai and Iran, the United Nations not only educated young minds but also sowed the seeds for a generation of global citizens committed to building a more inclusive and harmonious world.

Our Invictus International School Centrium Campus also hosted United Nations Day with their students and staff, embracing the occasion by donning ethnic and national attire, transforming the school into a visual celebration of the world's cultures.

Parents of the primary school children had set up food stalls selling food from around the world (community engagement/involvement), there were displays of images from the Year 7-9 activities (winning posters, designs, presentations) and debates and position paper presentations from the senior students. All of these culminated in a ‘General Assembly’ with over 50 students to pass the resolutions debated earlier. 

Using familiar cartoon characters, Year 7 and 8 students created posters to raise awareness of the United Nations' role in global affairs, promoting teamwork and civic-mindedness. Year 9 students crafted cardboard models to promote a circular economy, emphasising the importance of sustainable resource use. Meanwhile, students in Years 10 - 13 participated in the Invictus Model United Nations (IMUN), led by the Student Council President and Vice President. This challenging experience developed their communication skills and global acumen.

Invictus International School’s celebration exemplifies its commitment to preparing students as global citizens. By integrating cultural festivities, collaborative projects, and engaging activities, the school cultivates a sense of global awareness and citizenship, fostering a brighter future.

International Partnership

Invictus International School Bukit Timah are incredibly lucky to have become international partners with Larrakeyah Primary School in Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia. The aim is to provide our students and teachers to develop skills which enhance Singapore-Australia relationships and cultural understanding. This helps to develop students into citizens who are globally engaged and comfortable with diversity and with the skills to operate effectively across cultures with different worldview and belief systems. 

We will explore ways to exchange information about the International Cambridge Curriculum, pedagogy, regularly communicate between students via video and exchange of student emails, letters, photos and work. We also hope to arrange staff and student exchanges between schools to deepen cultural understanding. Last week we were also very lucky to have teachers from Larrakeyah Primary school with us for a week to visit the school and teach some of our very talented students a collaborate dance project - a Bollywood dance, which will be recorded and featured in Larrakeyah school in september and performed in school at the year-end concert.

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