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Words from our parents

Well, since we strongly believe to raise our child in an environment conducive to strengthen her desire to learn, find out solutions by herself, subconscious and natural respect for humanity irrespective of race or religion, Invictus suited to accomplish our priorities. On top of that, integrated curriculum offered by qualified/ experienced mentors, who understand the needs of a family moving across the globe like that of ours, was indeed important to us, that too at reasonable cost.

Based on my clinical experience in pediatrics and psychology, I feel that learning is some thing that influence one's personality without their knowledge... it comes dynamically, almost naturally, subconsciously and builds the person by imprinting the designs on little brains. So it's vital to develop love for life long self learning approach to cope up with future demands of research oriented talents that i find could be best catered by open-minded multinational environment as at Invictus.
Mother of Anvita Bansal- grade 2
My daughter is very happy at Invictus international school and I’ve highly recommended it to others. My daughter enjoys coming to school, she is progressing very well and has a good relationship with both pupils and the teachers, so you’re doing a great job!
Mother of Sophie Siapco
Why choose Invictus for your child's education?
Invictus International School, is an institution that celebrates Diversity. It embraces the uniqueness of every child. The school welcomes Individuality and does not push for Conformity. It acknowledges that just as each and every student is special and unique, so is their learning experience.
At Invictus, students are empowered to learn in a wide variety of settings and ways. The student’s learning experience, may occur in a traditional academic setting- within the classroom; or in nontraditional settings- such as outside the school location or in an outdoor environment. Learning opportunities are presented through interaction with teachers, and other students as well as through the use of different learning media and software applications.
At Invictus, Learning is fun and enjoyable. Students are engaged in the learning process through interactive teaching techniques. Here, learning is viewed not just merely as a process but also as an Experience. A purposeful, meaningful, and engaging experience that enriches each and every Invictus student.
My Daughter has been going to this School for a month now and the biggest change is - She is enthusiastic every single day about going to school. This is an experience worthy of a Brilliant School!!
Everyone here is passionate about what they do and truly love kids. It really does have a community feel about it, where everyone in the staff know your child by name. They say it takes a village to raise a child. You want your kid in this village.