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Parental Inclusion

We believe a strong school and parent partnership is key to the success of the student, we have an open-door policy and encourage our parents to discuss their children’s needs with us.

Transparency is vital and our parents are included in their children’s successes via our Qoqolo Parents App, which gives our school a beating heart. We also send weekly newsletters to our parents, ensuring that they have up to date information as well as viewing their children’s learning.

Workshops are held to introduce teaching techniques to give our parents the opportunity to sample the learning that takes place in Invictus International School.

Our Parent - Teacher Association (PTA) mirrors the inclusive culture at Invictus. The committee mix, the type and profile of the activities organised, types of communication platforms that the PTA leverages to create awareness for the things and activities that they organise, reflect this multicultural and inclusive ethos. Since Invictus is committed to enrolling an inclusive and diverse student body, we as a school strive to support our parent community through as many inclusive activities as possible.