Affordable International School Fees in Singapore

Invictus International School has been the pioneer in the affordable international education segment of the market. Our goal since inception has always been to ensure that we deliver quality education at affordable prices. The school has grown substantially since its incorporation in 2016, now with two campuses (Dempsey Hill and Farrer Park) across the island, offering both English as well as primary school Bilingual English-Chinese curriculum in addition to its secondary school program.

Invictus teachers come from all over the world and utilise world-renowned, robust curriculums in conjunction with excellent teaching instruction to ensure that each student reaches their full potential. Our annual school fees consist of our tuition fees* and any applicable support programme or miscellaneous fees that may vary for each student. Invictus does not charge an application fee technology fee or any ongoing building and development fees.

Invictus aims to make international school education accessible to all with school fees payable over 5 instalments. We offer a holistic education that inspires students to be lifelong learners and challenge them with opportunities to flourish. Our school is a safe, caring and secure environment where students develop an international perspective as a truly global citizen while achievement and attainment are celebrated in a “can-do” culture.

Fee structure

School fees are payable over 5 instalments and include GST. The annual school fee for Grades 1 to 6 is S$17,000 with S$1,190 GST inclusive. You can find the latest fee information updated here.

The Primary English-Chinese Bilingual Program at our Centrium campus has a promotional fee of S$15,000 with S$1,050 GST inclusive in the first year, and fees of S$17,000 with S$1,190 GST for subsequent years. The latest fee information for Primary English-Chinese Bilingual Program is here.

The annual secondary school fee for Grades 7 to 10 is S$18,800 with S$1,316 GST inclusive. The latest fee information is updated here.

There is a S$2,500 registration fee required for each new admission and additional fees may be applicable. Estimates of miscellaneous fees that may be required include assessment test fees (S$200), course material fees (S$267.50), academic field trips (S$150 – S$1,500) and co-curricular activities (S$0 – S$2,000)

School Fee Refund Policy

If the student’s written notice of withdrawal to the Admissions department is received more than 30 days before the installment due date of the installment period during which the withdrawal takes place, 100% of the school fees that have been paid for but unused at a rate of S$101.06 (with GST) per school day will be refunded.

If the student’s written notice of withdrawal is received less than 30 days before the instalment due date of the instalment period during which the withdrawal takes place, 50% of the school fees that have been paid for but unused will be refunded. This is an estimated refund of S$50.53 (with GST) per unused school day.

No refunds will be provided if the student’s written notice is received on or after the instalment due date of the instalment period during which the withdrawal takes place.

The most updated school fee refund policy can be found here for the Centrium campus and here for the Dempsey campus.

Payment Terms

School fees will only need to be paid upon invoicing and must be made in Singapore dollars.

We offer bank transfers and cheques as payment options which must be made to INVICTUS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL PTE. LTD. The student name must be indicated in the bank transfer or at the back of the cheques for correct identification.

The school may revoke school attendance privileges for students with outstanding payments due. No school transcripts, transfers or records will be released if the student has outstanding payments upon withdrawing from the school.

Invictus has a Fee Protection Scheme in place to protect paid school fees and is a requirement by the Committee for Private Education. Student school fees are protected in the event that the school cannot continue to operate due to regulatory closure or insolvency, or if the school cannot pay penalties or return fees due to Singapore court judgements.

The most updated payment terms can be found here for the Centrium campus and here for the Dempsey campus.

Our school fees are structured to be accessible so that students can receive high-quality international school education for a much cheaper fee. We empower our students to be active and independent learners while being fully aware of their place in the world and embrace multi-cultural perspectives. Apply for a school tour at our Centrium campus or our Dempsey campus to find out more about what we have to offer.

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