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Understanding Our Unique Educational Programmes at Invictus International School Singapore

1.jpgAt Invictus International School Singapore, we pride ourselves on delivering a fulfilling educational experience that caters to each student's interests and aspirations. Through a carefully crafted blend of traditional values and modern educational techniques, we provide a comprehensive learning journey that meets academic standards and fosters personal growth and development. 

Our commitment to this approach is deeply embedded in every aspect of our curriculum and teaching practices, ensuring that we equip our students with knowledge and the skills necessary for lifelong success.

Our educational programmes are delivered with the children’s future in mind and we understand that the global landscape is evolving . By offering a broad spectrum of subjects and engaging learning activities, we nurture a passion for discovery and a love for learning among our students. 


This sets a firm foundation for them to develop into well-rounded individuals who are informed, thoughtful and proactive members of society. Our teachers are dedicated professionals who bring this vision to life, guiding each student with expertise and empathy and embodying the high standards of teaching that we uphold.

Exploring the Breadth of Our Educational Programmes

We offer a wide range of educational programmes, tailored to nurture the intellectual and creative capacities of every student. The Cambridge International Curriculum, from primary through to secondary levels, provides students with  options to studya broad spectrum of subjects, including sciences, humanities, languages and the arts. Our commitment to a diverse curriculum ensures that each student can find pathways that spark their interest and drive. This variety not only helps them to develop comprehensive knowledge but also to discover their passions early on, which is crucial in their educational journeys.
In Primary levels, Invictus International School adopt the same approach that Singapore uses to teach Mathematics in local elementary schools. Singapore has consistently achieved high results in international benchmarking assessments, such as the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) for Mathematics. Our curriculum focuses on five key aspects: Skills, Attitudes, Metacognition, Processes and Concepts. Utilising the Concrete-Pictorial-Abstract (CPA) approach and a spiral curriculum, we build mathematical understanding progressively. This methodology enhances problem-solving abilities with tools such as number bonds and the model method. Our students also develop heuristics and mental calculation skills, preparing them for global excellence.

Through these programmes, students are not only prepared for global excellence but are also encouraged to think critically and independently. The inclusion of different academic disciplines and the integration of international standards underscore our dedication to providing an education that prepares students for the complexities of the modern world.


How Our Curriculum Supports Holistic Development

We believe that true education extends beyond academic achievement. It is about shaping well-rounded individuals ready to face the challenges of tomorrow. Our curriculum supports holistic development by integrating academic learning with emotional and social growth. Extracurricular activities (ECAs)such as sports, performing arts, and community service are embedded within the school curriculum, ensuring students develop a balanced set of skills.

Besides imparting knowledge, we recognise that students need to build essential life skills such as empathy, resilience, and communication. Our educators employ various interactive methods that encourage students to engage deeply with their learning, collaborate with peers and apply their knowledge in real-world situations.


The Virtues Project, based on beliefs and virtues, is woven into a child’s day-to-day interaction with their peers and staff of the school. Condensing the Five Strategies of the Virtue Project into “Taught, Caught and Practice”, students learn about virtues and put their learning into practice. There are weekly morning routines for peer-to-peer affirmation using virtues language. Virtues are also incorporated into weekly character lessons and a virtues poster is placed in every classroom, to remind students of what they have learnt and should practise.

Furthermore, Chinese language education across all  three campuses is implemented using the 3E Approach, which is tailored to align with children's psychological development and cognitive growth. This approach progresses from simple to complex, concrete to abstract and perceptual to rational learning stages. The 3Es - Exposure, Experience, and Engagement - form the core of this methodology, guiding children through a comprehensive and effective learning pathway. Through this pathway, students will be able to:


a. Communicate effectively in both English and Chinese;

b. Cultivate a deep understanding of Western and Chinese cultures; and

c. Develop 21st-century competencies, critical thinking skills, and global perspectives.

This learning pathway also equips Invictus students to take either the Cambridge IGCSE Chinese as a Second Language or Foreign Language curricula if they choose to do so.

At Centrium Square Campus, we provide an immersive learning environment that emphasises and allocates equal curriculum time to both Chinese and English languages, promoting bilingual education. English is used to teach subjects such as Maths, Science and English whereas Chinese is used to teach Art, Physical Education, Music and of course, Mandarin Language. This structure ensures that students are exposed to both languages through daily interactions and instruction, thereby becoming more confident in their use of both languages. Additionally, students needing extra assistance in learning Chinese are supported by a biweekly Chinese Bridge programme.

At Bukit Timah and Dempsey Hill Campuses, students enjoy two hours of Chinese lessons each week. This dedicated time enables students to practise and reinforce their listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills. Students at Bukit Timah Campus also have the option to study Chinese as either a first or second language.


Students enjoying their bicultural and bilingual programmes conducted in Invictus International School Centrium Square Campus.

Learning through these approaches becomes a lively, enriching experience, preparing students for exams and life. Through consistent support and guidance, we facilitate an environment where every student feels valued and motivated to pursue excellence with vigour and confidence.


Innovative Teaching Methods in Action at Our School

We are committed to embracing innovative teaching methods that enhance learning and foster an environment of active engagement. We harness a variety of cutting-edge approaches that cater to different learning styles and encourage our students to excel, not just academically but also as critical thinkers and problem solvers. One of our key strategies includes integrating technology in the classroom, ranging from digital simulations that bring science to life to interactive whiteboards that make learning a dynamic and collaborative process.

Moreover, teachers will apply differentiated instruction techniques, which means tailoring their lessons to meet each student's unique needs and learning speeds. This personalised approach ensures that no student is left behind and that each one can thrive according to their potential. Our classrooms are lively places where education involves guided discovery, debates and problem-based learning. All of which serve to cultivate a deeper connection with the material taught, ensuring that learning becomes a joy rather than a chore.


Continual Support and Resources for Our Students

Our School takes great pride in the comprehensive support and resources we offer to ensure every student's success. From the first day a student joins our community, they have access to a range of support services designed to help them adjust, develop and ultimately excel. Homeroom Teachers and Tutors, Heads of Pastoral and the school counsellor are integral to this, and our PSHE programmes and other holistic development opportunities, beyond the academic classroom, are integral parts of our educational fabric. These services are about providing help when needed and proactively ensuring that each student maintains a healthy balance between academic and personal growth.

Additionally, our campuses are equipped with a library to provide students with access to books that are commonly read to feed their curiosity and cultivate their love for reading. . Beyond academic support, we nurture our students' emotional and social well-being through various programmes and clubs that promote leadership, teamwork and personal development. We understand that fostering a supportive environment is crucial in motivating students to take on challenges and achieve their best.


At Invictus International School Singapore, every aspect of our educational programme, from our diverse and supportive faculty to our innovative teaching methods and comprehensive support systems, is designed with the holistic development of our students in mind. We believe in providing an environment that stimulates intellectual growth and cultivates the skills necessary for personal success and well-being.

We invite you to join our community and see how your child can benefit from a tailored, supportive, and enriching educational experience. Learn more about our approach and how we can contribute to your child’s future. Visit our
International School in Singapore and experience the excellence in education we offer.