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Global Education: A Necessity for Expat Families in Singapore

05 Apr 2024


Rising rents, changing work policies, the ever-present possibility of relocating—it can disrupt our children's education and make it hard to plan for their future. That's why a global education is essential.

Invictus International Schools offer a lifeline for expat families. Our regional network and shared curriculum mean our children can shift between Invictus schools in Southeast Asia without missing a beat. No more jarring transitions, no more lost progress. We're committed to helping children build the adaptability and resilience they'll need to thrive, no matter where they are.

The Unique Situation of Expat Families in Singapore


Singapore's allure for expats lies in its diverse cultural landscape, green spaces, culinary delights, and good infrastructure. Its political stability, favourable tax structures, and vibrant start-up and business scene also makes it highly attractive for those seeking professional growth.

However, life in Singapore, while incredibly rewarding, comes with its own set of challenges.

Some expat families face financial pressures when it comes to paying for rent, schooling for kids, and healthcare. The most pressing issue we've seen recently is the sharp rise in living costs. These escalating rents and unpredictable situations can force difficult decisions, causing families to relocate to cheaper Southeast Asian cities. 

When it comes to this, global education—transferable knowledge and skills that help students to adapt to diverse environments—can at least alleviate parental anxieties about their child's ability to transition to a new school when they need to relocate their family. 

Therefore, choosing a school which prioritises global education, regardless of the country you’re in, can make a huge difference when you need to navigate major life changes.

How Global Education Impacts Your Child at Invictus International School Singapore

Global education is an educational approach designed to prepare students for both regional and worldwide opportunities. 

Through global education, schools like Invictus International School Singapore offer carefully tailored programmes, including consistent curriculum across borders, an environment to cultivate an appreciation for cultural diversity, and activities to promote a strong sense of community in students.


Here’s a look inside our global education approach:

International Cambridge Curriculum

Invictus International School Singapore utilises the internationally recognised International Cambridge Curriculum

Cambridge academic programmes fosters critical thinking, intellectual engagement, adaptability, and a lifelong love of learning—all essential to open doors to opportunities in a globalised world.

Diverse Student Body

With over 40 nationalities represented, Invictus International School Singapore actively celebrates multiculturalism. These diverse networks equip individuals with a more comprehensive understanding of global citizenship and fosters an environment where pupils learn from each other.

Community Involvement Programmes (CIP)

CIP furthers the school’s commitment to nurturing well-rounded individuals who are mindful of their civic responsibilities. They involve participating in community projects and supporting charities, reinforcing the values of empathy and civic-consciousness even outside the classroom.

Student Leadership

Our Student Council Programme nurtures future leaders by giving students a platform to voice their opinions, represent their peers, and engage directly in decision-making that affects their school life. Through these collaborations, students learn the value of empathy, cross-cultural communication, and a global perspective necessary to navigate and contribute to an increasingly interconnected world.

The Virtues Project™

The Virtues Project™ is a globally-recognised initiative for social and personal development in students. This programme uses beliefs and virtues common among cultures worldwide, and aims to nurture those values in students. Children learn the value of Confidence, Integrity, Tolerance, among many other traits that help them grow into caring and responsible adults.

The End-Goal of Our Global Education


Regardless of which Invictus International School you enrol in—Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Cambodia, or Thailand—our global education hub will aim to achieve the following for your child:

1. Foster a familiar learning environment for students

We want to ensure that relocating won’t disrupt your child's education. From our primary to secondary schools, our transferable curriculum means they can easily move between Invictus International Schools. This consistency, along with our focus on adaptability, will help them thrive academically and socially in their new environment.

2. Prepare students for a globalised workforce

International education equips students with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to an interconnected and fast-changing world. At its core, the purpose is to prepare young minds for the complexities of a globalised workforce, whilst inculcating values of intercultural understanding and mutual respect.

At Invictus International School Singapore, we maintain a diverse student body, with students from over 60 nationalities across the 5 countries we're situated in. This gives students ample opportunity to interact with peers of differing backgrounds, and gain an understanding of each other's unique backgrounds.

3. Addressing global challenges through collaborative learning

Global education underscores the importance of collaborative learning, in order to face global issues. Students are encouraged to work together, transcending borders and leveraging their diverse backgrounds to find common ground. This collaborative approach to education builds a strong foundation for critical thinking and problem-solving, which are necessary for addressing challenges that students will face in global environments.

Preparing Your Family’s Future With Invictus


As an expat parent, you understand the challenges of frequent moves. Finding the right schools, adjusting to new curricula, the constant disruption to your child's formal can all be overwhelming.

That's where the benefits of global education shine—it can ease the instability of an expat parent's life. Invictus International School, with its regional network of schools, offers a solution tailored to your family's needs. Our consistent curriculum across Southeast Asia ensures your child can easily transition between our campuses without sacrificing their learning progress.

To find out more, or make enquiries on how we can help build your child's future, feel free to reach out to us. Or if you'd like to drop by and find out more, book a tour and come experience our campuses firsthand today!