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Affiliated Kindergartens

Priority Placement/Admissions*

Invictus International School is proud to be affiliated with these prestigious Kindergartens listed below under SingEd Global Schoolhouse. Due to this affiliation, we are pleased to offer any child coming from these preschools the following:

  • Priority placement before general applicants
  • SGD$200 Assessment Fee waiver (No assessment is required)
  • SGD$500 Application Fee waiver
  • SGD$2,000 Registration Fee waiver
The child's place will only be officially confirmed once all necessary formalities, such as the signing of the Offer Letter and Student Contract, have been completed before the stipulated due dates.

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Invictus International Preschool

Building on 22 years of excellence in early years education, Invictus International Preschool is an affordable world-class international school with a unique individualised learning framework. Cultivating a love for learning is at the heart of the school experience. By tailoring learning around each individual child's needs, interests and abilities, children at Invictus are challenged according to their stage of development rather than their age. Through the implementation of the Virtues Project, Invictus International Preschools create a nurturing learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops the children's social and personal skills in ways that last throughout their lives.


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Primus Schoolhouse

Primus Schoolhouse Singapore offers a unique preschool education experience combining the best of the British Early Years Foundation Stage and Singaporean Nurturing Early Learners Framework programmes and traditions for children aged 18 months to 6 years. The combination of these, and a strong foundation in supporting the development of character, enables each child to be guided to grow and develop their potential. Experienced and passionate educators provide a nurturing and supportive environment to inspire a love of life and learning.


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Swallows & Amazons

At Swallows & Amazons, we believe children should have fun! Play is essential for children to develop high-level social strategies as well as physical and mental skills. At Swallows and Amazons, we know why, when and how to help ‘play’ become an enriching, meaningful learning experience so that children can fulfil their potential. We put the EQ into the IQ. We focus on the EQ or Emotional Development of our early learners. Every child will have an achievable outcome every day. We want our early learners to feel pride and accomplishment that they can do this!

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