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Building a Future: Why Progressive Education Matters

1.jpg In a rapidly changing world, the traditional approaches to education are being reevaluated. It's becoming increasingly clear that a more dynamic, student-centred approach is essential to prepare our students for the complexities of the modern world. This is where progressive education comes into play, focusing on developing academic skills, critical thinking, creativity and emotional intelligence.

The curriculum at Invictus International School seeks to develop a lifelong love of learning and key personal traits that will set them up for success. The school utilises internationally-recognised curricula for your child on the journey to achieving the Cambridge International A-Levels (Advanced Levels) qualifications for applications to universities worldwide. Invictus is an all-through international school with students from Years 1 to 6 (ages 5-11) in our primary school and students from Years 7 to 13 (ages 11-18) in our secondary school.

Through our dedication to this educational model, we are committed to not just teaching students, but to inspiring them, preparing them to become active, informed and compassionate citizens of the world. Join us as we explore the key aspects and benefits of progressive education that help in sculpting the leaders of tomorrow.


What Is Progressive Education?

Progressive education is about creating a learning environment that promotes an active pursuit of learning. It emphasises the student as the central figure in the educational process. This style of education is not only about memorising textbook content but more about engaging with what they learn in meaningful and practical ways. It encourages our students to think critically and analyse information rather than just accepting it at face value.

In our approach to progressive education, we focus on making learning relevant to real-world scenarios. This relevance ensures that education is not just a preparation for the future but is also applicable to present circumstances. By doing so, students are more engaged, and learning becomes more enjoyable and effective. It's important to realise that learning can happen everywhere, not just in classrooms and at our school, we ensure students discover this truth every day.


Key Principles of Progressive Education

The key principles of progressive education revolve around fostering independence, curiosity and a love for lifelong learning in an inclusive environment. The first principle we embrace is student-centred learning, which values the individual interests and needs of each student, adapting our teaching methods accordingly. This personal approach helps students to connect deeply with their learning journey.

Here at Invictus, we recognise that all students learn at a different pace, with different styles and different needs. We believe children should be challenged in a learning environment which is joyful and irresistible. They should learn respect and equality, understand the importance of caring for others and their environment by example and through authentic learning experiences, and they should become entrepreneurs of their own future, with the skills to adapt to a rapidly and exponentially changing world. 

Through these principles, we strive to create a safe, supportive, and challenging environment where all students can thrive and prepare for the complex life and work environments they will face in the future.


Benefits of Progressive Education in Developing Critical Thinking

Progressive education plays a pivotal role in nurturing critical thinking, a key ingredient for success in today’s world. By engaging students in interactive and practical learning experiences, we foster an environment where questioning and critical analysis are encouraged. Students learn to evaluate information, identify biases, and view problems from multiple angles, which enhances their decision-making skills.

Critical thinking isn't just about solving academic problems. It extends to real-life scenarios where students must make informed decisions. Through project-based learning, our educational approach allows students to tackle real-world issues, enhancing their ability to think on their feet. This methodology ensures that students do not merely absorb facts; they learn to apply their knowledge creatively and effectively, preparing them for complex life and work challenges they will face in the future.

Moreover, critical thinking instils a sense of responsibility and empowerment. Our students learn to trust their judgement and develop the confidence to challenge the status quo. This empowerment is essential for personal development and is a quality that we nurture deliberately in our learning environments.

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At Invictus International School Singapore, we are committed to providing an education that transcends traditional learning paradigms. Discover the difference progressive education can make for your child. Join us at Invictus International School Singapore, where we prepare students not just for school but for life. If you’d like to know more about the progressive education at either of our private school campuses, you can sign up for a tour here.!