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Parent Engagement

We believe a strong partnership between parents and school are key to the success of the student, we have an open-door policy and encourage our parents to discuss their children’s needs with us.  Transparency is vital and our parents are included in their children’s successes via our Qoqolo Parents App, we also send weekly newsletters through this as well as more routine communication, ensuring parents have up to date information as well as being part of their child’s learning school experience.
Our Parent Engagement and Participation (PEP) Programme is broadly focused around 3 strands:
  • Parent Information Events: Subject /  Topic themed sessions to learn more about your child's journey in these areas.
  • Parent CaféAn opportunity for parents to meet and learn more about how further support their child on this journey. Sessions are facilitated by our resident Counsellor, alongside senior staff.
  • Friends of Invictus (FOI): A supportive volunteer group of parents who work closely with the school to further support the school / home synergy and engage in support to school events.
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