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International Middle Years Curriculum

The IMYC is designed to support five key needs of the adolescent brain, building units around “Big Ideas” so that students can interlink all their learning and elevate themes and topics to broader, conceptual thinking. The subject learning goals are informed by eight global curriculums so that they can be easily adapted to local curriculum standards.

Personal goals are another key pillar of the IMYC which are individual qualities and skills that are essential for mature students. These include adaptability, discovery, balance, entrepreneurship, identity, belief, curiosity, development, challenge, collaboration, celebration, community, communication, courage, consequences, justice, relationship, reflection, leadership, interpretation, renewal, resolution, resilience, responsibility, respect, structures, tradition and risk.

International learning goals help secondary school students learn about other cultures and people to develop their global identity. Learning tasks for each “Big Idea” revolve around these personal goals and international learning goals.

Course Information

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