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Pupil Support

List of Pupil Support Services

Invictus International School Bukit Timah is an all-inclusive school where children can thrive academically, socially and personally. Whilst academics is a very important part of our day, so is wellbeing.

We are committed to helping children develop as confident, smiling, interesting and interested individuals. Promoting and supporting the wellbeing of everyone in the school community is a huge part of creating this ethos and the school works in a variety of ways to approach wellbeing from every angle.

Below is a list of pupil support services the school provides to ensure the wellbeing of all pupils in our care.

Medical Insurance

All pupils of Invictus International School Bukit Timah  are eligible for the school’s medical insurance scheme. This scheme provides all pupils with basic medical and personal accident insurance coverage should an accident occur during school hours.

Medical benefits are only extended during the course of the child’s study at Invictus International School Bukit Timah. Benefits will cease and your child is no longer eligible for the scheme’s subscription when they have/are:

  • Withdrawn from the school
  • Terminated from the school

The school’s liability Insurance scheme provides all visitors with basic medical and personal accident insurance coverage should an accident occur during school hours.

Fee Protection Scheme

Invictus International School Bukit Timah is covered under the Fee Protection Scheme (FPS).

Form Tutors

Form tutors are the main point of contact between the school and home. Parents and guardians will receive a welcome email and introduction from the child’s form tutor before the first day of school. Form tutors will also be in touch with parents and guardians at the end of the first week of school to update them on how their child has settled in.  Over the school year, regular communication between the form tutor and parents will ensure that your child thrives academically and pastorally.

Pastoral Counselling

Pastoral counselling services are offered to children who require any form of guidance or support. Basic pastoral counselling is provided by our teachers first. Should a professionally trained counsellor be needed, the school will refer the child to a list of recommended providers. Through counselling, specialists will communicate with the child to better understand their needs so as to explore effective ways to help them overcome any challenges they have. Children will also be provided with a safe space and a positive outlet to address any underlying issues so as to better facilitate their growth and progress in school. 

Parent Portals

Frequent and effective communication between the school and home has always been one of our top priorities. We use Qoqolo, school management system used to track attendance; and to facilitate communication with parents on a daily basis. 

These platforms enable teachers to provide timely updates and feedback about their lesson overviews, pupils’ performances, announcements and more. This transparency in communication and feedback on a child’s progress will greatly aid in expediting their improvement and strengthening their learning abilities. Beyond academic-related updates, these platforms are also used to convey news regarding a child’s behaviour in class, allowing parents to receive first-hand information in a prompt manner, and take action if necessary.


All our children’s records regarding wellbeing matters and other related concerns are systematically stored and organised in CPOMS, a software solution for monitoring safeguarding, wellbeing and all pastoral issues. This enables staff to build up a ‘picture’ of a child’s experience in school. Additionally, having all records securely stored in a centralised system ensures that important information is passed on during year group transitions or changes in staffing. This allows each and every staff in school, new or experienced, to be able to have a better understanding of all children, in particular, those who require greater attention and assistance.

Pupil Voice Survey

We aim to foster an environment where pupils feel safe and comfortable to share any personal views and opinions they have about the school. We carry out a Pupil Voice Survey three times a year. This gives pupils an opportunity to provide feedback about any school-related matters. 

Additionally, we have a dedicated Pupil Voice Survey for Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) that we carry out at the end of every term. This gives the school an idea of the types of activities pupils are interested in so that they can implement it next term should resources permit. The feedback also helps school staff and external vendors make improvements to the activities offered.

Extra-Curricular Activities

Extra-Curricular Activities (ECAs) are integral to our school’s holistic educational experience. We offer a variety of ECAs split into three categories – Active, Creative, and Academic. Throughout their time here at Invictus International School Bukit Timah, children are encouraged to participate in at least 1 ECA per term. 

Through their involvement in extra-curricular activities, pupils develop self-confidence, organization, resilience, and, more often than not, interests for life. Helping pupils develop ‘breadth and balance’ is one of the Invictus values, and we encourage children to take full advantage of the opportunities available.

Academic Enrichment

Our school offers a program of enhanced curricular enrichment that engenders academic ambition and strengthens our provision for children requiring additional support. Academic Enrichment is an ongoing process that identifies and aims to resolve gaps as well seeking to challenge and stretch pupil progress and attainment within individual core subjects (Maths, English and Chinese). This provision exists alongside teacher support to account for and meet the needs of a range of abilities in a class setting.

This support is to be distinguished from Special Educational Needs support which includes work to support the overcoming of barriers to learning although Enrichment may be included within an SEN pupil’s IEP (Individual Education Plan).
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