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Student Recruitment Agents

At Invictus, we offer quality international education at affordable prices. With students hailing from over 26 nations, we have put in place local agents to assist with the admissions process in local markets. These Invictus student agents form an extension of the admissions team, helping address any concerns parents or students might have before moving to Singapore and enrolling at Invictus.

Prior to appointment, Invictus student agents undergo a rigorous interview and vetting process to ensure they meet the necessary requirements to represent Invictus International School. Each agent undergoes a comprehensive training process and is expected to maintain a high degree of professionalism and integrity.

Invictus authorised agents are listed below. Agents not listed on the page are NOT authorised to represent Invictus International School.

To become an appointed agent, please download and fill in the Student Agent Form, and email it to

For a list of authorised agents, please refer to 
List of student recruitment agents