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What is the school calendar schedule?

Invictus International School follows an August to June schedule, with 4 terms over an academic year.

What are your school hours?

A typical school day at Invictus Centrium Square starts at 0830 hrs for Primary and 0840 hrs for Secondary. The standard school day ends at 1450 hrs daily, with the exception of some secondary classes depending on their subject combinations.

How many teachers are in a classroom?

There will be at least one teacher in a classroom at any time during school hours. 
Year 1 & 2: One Homeroom Teacher and one Teaching Assistant
Year 3 onwards: One Homeroom Teacher, supported by a level Teaching Assistant
Additional Teaching Assistants are available to support Year 4 – 6 classes whenever necessary. 

What is the class size for each Year level?

We limit our class sizes to 25 students per class from Year 1 to 13.

How will my child get lunch?

We do not have a cafeteria on campus. Students are encouraged to bring their own snacks and lunch. Should you wish to cater lunch, you may order a bento to be delivered for your child from Victus Catering. Please note that Invictus is a nut-free school. 

Does the school provide transport services?

Arrangements for transport to and from school can be made with RushOwl.

Sign-up form may be downloaded here. Please contact them directly by emailing to

Where will the children play?

The students will have access to our specially designed playground and selected outdoor spaces.


What curriculum do you offer?

Invictus International School is a K12 Cambridge school. 
At Invictus Centrium Square, we offer the following programmes:
  • Primary (Year 1 – Year 6)
    • Cambridge Primary Curriculum with Bilingual Chinese Programme
  • Lower Secondary (Year 7 – 9)
    • Cambridge Lower Secondary Curriculum
  • Upper Secondary (Year 10 – 11)
    • Cambridge IGCSE Curriculum
  • Sixth Form (Year 12 – 13)
    • Cambridge AS/A Level Curriculum

Does the school offer additional languages?

The Primary section at Invictus Centrium Square is a Bilingual School that offers Chinese as an additional language. At secondary levels, we offer Chinese and Spanish as options for additional languages. 

What is the Bilingual Programme about?

The Invictus Centrium Square Bilingual Chinese Programme aims to develop our learners into confident and effective communicators of the Chinese language, and joyful learners of the Chinese culture. Apart from a substantial amount of time dedicated for Chinese language lessons, students get cultural experiences and develop other skills through our Integrated Chinese Programme. Also, P.E., Art, and Music lessons are also conducted in Mandarin. Year 1 and Year 2 classes are also assigned Bilingual Homeroom Teachers and Teaching Assistants to create a purposeful language-learning environment for the students at school.

Will my child be required to study Chinese at Secondary School?

All students have the option of choosing between Chinese and Spanish at Secondary level. Additional languages are not compulsory at Year 10 and above. Chinese learning is only mandatory for Primary level.

Will additional support be given for Chinese?

For students with little or no foundation in Chinese language, or those who do not meet grade level requirements, we offer the Chinese Bridge, an after-school bridging programme with lessons taking place twice a week. Additional costs apply. Parents of students who are identified for the programme will be notified.

How are Physical Education classes conducted?

Invictus Centrium Square does not have sporting facilities on campus. However, to ensure that our students continue to enjoy a range of physical activities, we work with partners for external venues near the campus for our P.E. lessons. Our modular P.E. programme for Primary covers Fun and Games, Wushu, Sports Skills, and Swimming for Year 3 – 6, and Fine Motor Skills for Year 1 and 2. The Secondary levels enjoy Sports Skills lessons with a coach once a week. 

Is Youth Chinese Test (YCT) administered by the school as part of the assessment?

Invictus Centrium Square uses YCT as a benchmark to measure attainment of grade level requirements for students’ Chinese learning. The YCT is an international standardised test of Chinese language proficiency. It assesses young foreign students’ abilities to use Chinese in their daily and school life. Students who have attained the required level or its equivalent should present their certificates as documentary proof. The school conducts the assessment annually for students who do not have the required certification.


What is the Chinese Language entry requirement for Bilingual Primary?

  • Year 1 – no requirement
  • Year 2 – no requirement
  • Year 3 – no requirement
  • Year 4 – Passed YCT Level 1 or equivalent
  • Year 5 – Passed YCT Level 2 or equivalent
  • Year 6 – Passed YCT Level 3 or equivalent

All students who have not met the entry requirements may also be considered for the course but will be required to attend the Chinese Bridge Programme.

What forms of assessments will my child be required to take prior to admissions?

For Year 1 and Year 2, we assess the student’s English and Mathematics proficiencies using Cambridge-Aligned assessments to ensure that they meet our requirements for each specific year level.
For Year 3 and above, we will assess the students using the Cognitive Abilities Test (CAT4) and the Global Scale of English (GSE) Test .
For Year 10 and above, students will also be assessed for their proficiency in specific subject areas depending on the choice of subjects, if required.