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Affiliated Kindergartens

Invictus International Preschool


Building on 22 years of excellence in early years education, Invictus International Preschool is an affordable world-class international school with a unique individualised learning framework. Cultivating a love for learning is at the heart of the school experience. By tailoring learning around each individual child’s needs, interests and abilities, children at Invictus are challenged according to their stage of development rather than their age. Through the implementation of the Virtues Project, Invictus International Preschools create a nurturing learning environment that enhances academic achievement and develops the children’s social and personal skills in ways that last throughout their lives.


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Primus Schoolhouse


Primus Schoolhouse by Invictus is a premium pre-school offering high quality education and child care. We are a truly global community welcoming families from all over the world to learn and play in a nurturing and caring environment. We offer a unique curriculum based on the Early Years Foundation Stage (UK) and influenced by the Nurturing Early Learners Framework (Singapore) for children 18 months to 6 years of age.

Our goal is to nurture a love of learning and to support the children develop all the skills and attributes for future success at school and beyond.

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Phone: 6573 8441 

Swallows and Amazons


“Way back to 2007, when I came across our previous campus in Turf City, a little wild space with wonderful full grown trees, the name Swallows and Amazons just came to me. It was a Children’s Adventure Novel by Arthur Ransome that I read when I was a child.

The story was one about children learning through discovery and exploration, being risk takers, independent learners, open minded, caring, communicators, reflective, with a focus on the EQ. All these qualities are reflected in our Curriculum and Learning Environment.”

Jackie Barkham,
Founder & Director of Swallows & Amazons

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