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Ms Sharmila Banu

Diploma in Special Needs Education, Nanyang Technology of University
Diploma Business Computing
Certification in Autism

Key Stage 1 Teacher

Ms Sharmila has 7 years of experience working as a Senior Educator. She has curated lessons and learning for students with special abilities. Ms Sharmila has engaged in coaching for her junior educators, as well as being a part of the school’s curriculum planning team. She has experience collaborating with children of different age groups, profiles and abilities in her previous school. She embraces continuous learning and is willing to learn from her colleagues, parents and students.

Ms Sharmila is an active listener and advocates for home-school collaboration, as it is crucial in encouraging a child's positive participation in the academic and social facets of school life. She believes being a teacher leaves one in a unique position to give a direct impact on students. Teaching has always been her passion and feels the knowledge and experiences that she imparts to students should make a difference and empower their lives.