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Ms Archana Bhushan Shimpi

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Ms Archana Bhushan Shimpi

Master of Education,
Graduate Certificate of Education Studies, 
Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science

Computing Teacher

Ms Archana holds M.Ed. Monash University, Australia and bachelor’s degree in computer science engineering, India. Additionally, she recently completed IB Computer Science and Cambridge courses to familiarize herself with the IBDP and IGCSE level subjects.

She has been imparting computer knowledge to learners of all ages since 2005, she has taught students from primary school through university, as well as working adults and it's been a rewarding experience. She constantly seeks to expand her knowledge and skills through personal and professional initiatives. 

She is a skilled, independent and lifelong learner. Knowledgeable in all aspects of teaching computer science theory, practical, and projects. She feels she has the expertise and passion to support students in realizing their full potential in this significant field. This has made it possible for her to come up with an engaging lesson for pupils that encourages them to explore their interests and discover their innate skills.  Ms Archana believes it’s crucial for students to understand how computers operate and how to use them efficiently.