Our Vision

To be a leading educational institution where each and every learner is developed holistically and given opportunities to flourish successfully.

Mission Statement

To provide accessible quality education that nurtures individuals in innovative and inspiring ways to be lifelong learners who contribute positively for a better tomorrow.

Ownership of Our Learning

At Invictus International School we take ownership of our learning by being:


  • An outstanding educational provider where each and every learner is challenged and given the opportunity to flourish to the best of their ability. All learners aspire to excellence and in so doing are supported fully by the staff in the school.
  • A safe, caring and secure school where every person matters. We are recognised for the outstanding nature of our care, guidance and support to staff, students and parents.
  • An institution where learning comes first and is the sole focus of all lessons with a constant emphasis on maximising learning time and potential. Fundamental learning skills amongst all students is a key foundation to developing life-long learning, which is transferable to all lessons and situations. Everyone, adults and students alike, is a lifelong learner. This is evidenced by an innovative professional development programme and forward looking curriculum, which empowers all learners and encourages them to be active, independent participants in the learning process.
  • A school where students’ thoughtful behaviour is the outstanding contributory factor to their successful learning.
  • Positive behaviours are recognised, encouraged and rewarded.
  • An international community of learners where achievement and attainment are valued and celebrated in a ‘can do’ culture and all forms of prejudice are challenged. Aspiration and ambition are the norm and high expectations are met with pride and a sense of achievement.
  • A centre of excellence and specialism for a strong curriculum in an international context. A school where standards, rigour and accountability stands comparison with the best International School.
Invictus International School Story, Singapore

Core Values

Our Core Values are:

  1. Respect: Respect for all

  2. Resilience: Persevering and striving for progress

  3. Care: Caring for others in a safe, sustainable environment

  4. Collaboration: Developing the lifelong skills of working with others

  5. Excellence: Challenging ourselves to do our best

  6. Joyous lifelong learning: Taking pleasure in learning and growth

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