Invictus Dash for Cash

2020 Invictus Dash for Cash Charity Run:
Week of November 16 #idash4cash

In celebration of International Children’s Day on 20 November, Invictus is proud to partner ARC Children for the first ever Invictus Dash for Cash Charity Run (#iDashforCash). ARC Children is an organisation that helps critically ill children receive an education in a safe environment; allowing them to receive treatment and still attend school to learn and play! Find out more about ARC Children and the work that they do here.

At Invictus, ‘Care’ is one of our six core values. This value is especially important in today’s uncertain times brought about by COVID-19. It is important that our students are able to look beyond their own circumstance and help others in need.

Target Sum to Be Raised


Total Amount Pledged


Total Distance Run

Event Details
Date: Week of November 16-20
Location: Invictus Dempsey Hill Campus

How to Give
Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Invictus Dash for Cash Charity Run will be held on our campus during Physical Education lessons. Students will have a 30-minute time window to run as many laps as they can around the field. Parents, friends and relatives are encouraged to pledge any amount per lap. All proceeds will go towards ARC Children.

1. Look out for the Pledge Form and indicate how much you would like to pledge per lap. Alternatively, you can choose to pledge a lump sum for this Charity Run.
2. Upon completion of the Charity Run, an envelope indicating the total laps run by each student will be sent home.
3. Head to the link on the envelope and donate your pledged amount directly to ARC Children via
4. As part of corporate governance, Invictus International School is unable to accept cash from parents for this Charity Run.