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Invictus International School, Expat Environment

Expatriate children, Third Culture Kids or Third Culture Children are very special children with diverse needs. Some students may have to contend with homesickness and some of them may have never lived in their home country. Many of them operate daily in another language and may even have a third or a fourth language. Students that attend Invictus may have lived in many other countries and understandably may feel a sense of homesickness towards a country they just left; they may relish the travel but hate the disruption.

Invictus International School understands the diverse needs of expatriate children better than many other schools because many of our staff were once expatriate children. As educators, we know intimately the challenges and joys of living abroad, and we know how to empathise and sympathise with our students. That does not mean we do not expect the highest of standards from our students, but we are uniquely placed to gently bring out the best in them.

Our mission is to create determined, positive and optimistic students who will not only have high aspirations for themselves but also for others around them. Students at Invictus value teamwork and know how to play their part. We will encourage resilience and give our students strategies to cope with setbacks. Invictus International School will foster an indomitable work ethic that will encourage our learners to give their best effort at all times. Our learners will be happy to take risks and to see the joy in learning for the opportunities it brings. We will develop global citizens who confidently move forward to take their place in the world.

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