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Ms Megan Iannone

Vice Principal, Dempsey

Mrs Megan Iannone has worked in the field of education for over 17 years; as a Primary Homeroom Teacher as well as in senior leadership roles including Assistant Principal and Curriculum Coordinator and now Vice Principal of Invictus International School. Megan began her career in Education in Australia before moving overseas to work in international schools across China, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Singapore. 

Megan has a wealth of experience and passion in developing concept-based curriculums that use an inquiry-based approach to teaching and learning and is a certified Concept-Based Curriculum Instructor and Presenter. She strongly believes that learners develop a deeper understanding of the world around them when thinking at a conceptual level rather than at a factual level. Megan is excited to share her experience and connect with all of the families at Invictus International School.
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